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Chef's Knife | Legacy Series | 8 Inches

Chef's Knife | Legacy Series | 8 Inches

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- 8-Inch German Stainless Steel Excellence

- From Raw Meats to Crisp Veggies

- Stylish Yet Functional Design

- The Kitchen’s Indispensable Staple

- Perfectly Balanced Mastery

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A Knife that Stays Sharper Longer? Yes, Thanks to Science.

As Cuttana, we're proud to introduce our latest innovation in kitchenware: knives crafted using a unique combination of Vacuum Heat and Deep Freeze treatment. This advanced technology ensures our blades stay sharper longer, offering unparalleled durability and precision.

You’ll Be Able to Tackle Any Recipe or Challenge

All knives can chop the basics like veggies. But thanks to our flexible, 15- degree blade, you can do everything from breaking down a whole chicken to fileting a fish.

It’s Easy to Care For

Knives that dull faster require constant maintenance, and who has time for that? You’ll enjoy not having to think about sharpening and honing with our knife.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Due to food allergies, I do a ton of cooking at home. This new chef knife is well-balanced, has a full tang and is a wee bit lighter than my old one of a similar size. It is super sharp and the blade looks thin but thick enough to be sharpened over the years. It makes prep a breeze. Thus would also make an excellent gift dye to the quality if the product and boxed presentation. I do wish it had a sheath for storage in a drawer. Still overall, it's a solid 5.

Joe M

knife is extremely sharp and high quality. makes a great gift

Andy Halberstadt

This is a very good but not great knife. I compared it to my 8” Victorinox Chef’s knife while it definitely has a better handle—wood as opposed to the rubberized “Fibrox” of the Victorinox—the blade is noticeably thinner and less substantial. I can’t help but feel like this knife might not do as well splitting open spaghetti or acorn squash as the Victorinox has and does. Both are well balanced and cut great but the Victorinox is $18 less and if given a choice I would opt for the Victorinox.

Robert Staffiere

This is a beautifully made, well designed kitchen knife. It is super sharp, and passes the "arm hair" test. The grind is expertly and evenly done along the length of the blade.


 As you will notice, this is a beautiful knife as well as a knife designed to be used. No places for food to hide and contaminate later use. It is smooth and continuous. You can feel the quality of steel when you gently (and carefully!!) feel the edge. The blade sounds like a musical instrument being played. The high pitch indicates a hard strong and well tempered blade. The wooden handle adds beauty with full rivets and a metal tang. The center rivet bares a unique brass inlay design. One problem- this knife might be better on display than being used. If you do use this knife- take care of it. Don't just throw it in a drawer destroying the knife edge and the beautiful craftsmanship. Hand wash and properly store the knife and it should last for generations. In my opinion, it will easily stand alongside the best knives available.